D’MANAGERS Team Election

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

In preparation for the upcoming Intramural, the D’MANAGERS Team comprising the BSCS and BSBA Department elects it’s new sets of officers for this years Palaro  2013. Mr. Reyner Launio from BSCS Department was elected as the new President when he garnered the highest number of votes against his opponents from the BSBA Department. Here is the official result for the said election.

Governor: Reyner Launio

Vice Governor

  • (Cultural): Christopher Moya
  • (Sports): Emmanuel Reyes

Secretary: Robert Barrientos

Treasurer: Arnel Evangelio

Auditor: Angelie Gabay

Board Members:

  1. Jivon Templo
  2. Bernadette Barraca
  3. Jim Gade
  4. Joefer Tala-oc
  5. Raff Dema-ala
  6. Ghlemer Tiad
  7. Roselyn Vargas


  •   BSCS-Jaypee Neon
  •   BSBA-Jenelyn Abello

Muse:Mery Jane Delos Reyes

Escort:Herrald Orencio






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